Our Services

  • Strategy Sessions

    A strategy session is a valuable tool to discuss and analyze themes, understand areas of confusion and begin to identify demonstratives and language that will reinforce your strongest story. During these sessions we develop the framework for a discussion that includes strengths and weaknesses as well as attitudes and experiences in the venue that may impact your case.

  • Mock Trials

    This type of research exercise focuses on two goals: to test the strength of each side’s story of the case, and to determine the themes, evidence and other factors that drive decision-making. Mock research accomplishes this by identifying areas of opportunity and vulnerability. The goal is to present in a balanced, hard-hitting fashion each side’s story – both, arguments and facts. Mock participants react to this material through their responses to a questionnaire and later through deliberations and a focused group discussion.

  • Community Attitude Survey

    A telephone survey is employed to examine the demographics, attitudes and experiences of citizens in the venue. It also includes a brief overview (providing each side’s perspective) and asks respondents to render a decision.

    Our consultants create specific profiles from the statistically significant survey data, which are used to refine themes and develop effective and efficient recommendations.

  • Witness/Speech Preparation

    Our consultants work with members of your team to identify objectives and winning themes that will significantly improve communication through requisite teaching, presentation of data/evidence, and explanation of opinion. We have worked with scores of witnesses, corporate representatives and individuals, helping both “first timers” and “grizzled veterans” significantly improve their communication and effectively deliver the right message.

  • Voir Dire

    Our consultants can assist your trial team in improving the value of the voir dire process. We draft questions and employ jury selection strategies derived both from preceding research exercises, and our own library of voir dire questions from similar matters. Voir dire is the only chance counsel gets to learn about the jury‐we help you take every advantage of this opportunity.

  • Opening Statement and Closing Argument

    We will work with you and your team to develop a compelling opening statement and a powerful closing argument. Our consultants work collaboratively with counsel to draft, edit and/or refine an outline. We then work with counsel during rehearsal sessions on revising the language, order and tone for maximum impact.

  • Trial Monitoring: Shadow Juries and Direct Observation

    A “shadow jury” is demographically matched to the trial jury. These participants sit in the courtroom to observe proceedings. Daily debriefings with shadow jurors give counsel the chance to gauge reactions and shape messages throughout the trial. In direct observation, our consultants attend trial to observe and analyze jurors’ reactions and provide immediate feedback to counsel.

  • Post-Trial Interviews

    Our consultants are frequently asked by counsel to interview jurors to determine precisely how and why they reached their verdict.