“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

Anne Frank, Diary of Anne Frank

Giving Back

Chin Up
Shoulders Back
Be Kind
Find Reasons to Smile

This is the message written on the white board in my kitchen. At least once a week, to my children’s displeasure, I ask them to read it out loud before they leave for school. As they roll their eyes, I say the same thing every time, “You must first feel good about yourself before you can share that feeling with the world. You have a responsibility to be kind to others and no matter how tough the situation you can always find a reason to smile.” It is my deep hope that by having this conversation 52 times a year (or 936 times over their time in our home) that this basic truth will sink in and take hold.

I believe (and have experienced many times over in my life) that generosity in the world multiplies exponentially. Every time you let go and share a little more, that joy spreads and grows. I believe we all have a responsibility to try – just try – to do our part.

Salmons Consulting donates a percentage of its profits to College Possible ( My great friend, Jim McCorkell founded this organization over 13 years ago. Its goal is to identify college-capable, low-income students and help prepare them for college exams and to navigate the admission process. College Possible believes that helping students overcome these obstacles is the surest path to ending the cycle of poverty for them and for their families.

One kind act can change the world for many. Thank you for supporting us and making this possible.