Our Philosophy

Words Matter

Words Matter. The language you craft, the order in which you tell your story, and the tone you use all determine how your message will be received. Few would challenge this assertion when considering routine communications with spouses, children, and friends. It is equally true when speaking to a jury, voters, and shareholders.

People are generally open and ready to hear your side of the story. However, they also expect you to make it interesting, informative, and easy to follow. Our greatest contribution comes in helping our clients simplify a complex set of facts, shaping those elements into a cohesive message and creating advocates who will fight for you.

We collaborate with our clients to identify themes and craft a message with the most persuasive possible narrative. We prepare witnesses, executives and political leaders to ensure they deliver their part of the story clearly and with conviction. We consult with graphic designers to develop supportive visual elements that reinforce your message. Words matter and experience has shown that taking the time to shape, test and refine your story is one of the best predictors of a successful outcome.